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About us

We’re based in Auckland and our mission is to make websites more affordable for everyone, so every startup and small business can look good online. 

We're an agency, but like to do things differently.

Tailor-made websites created by web agencies can be quite costly. This leads many to opt for ‘find a designer’ platforms (you’re probably familiar with them) or do-it-yourself website builders. However, neither of these options is particularly ideal.

But, why should custom-designed websites come with such a hefty price tag?

The truth is, they don’t have to. That’s why we’ve reimagined the web agency approach and offer a monthly payment plan instead of a substantial upfront cost.

Website design,
done properly.

We make everything to order by real, trained, and experienced designers and developers right here in New Zealand. 

Templates? No thanks. 

Outsourcing to cheap overseas designers. Nope. 

Everything you need to succeed.

We’re your silent partners working in the background to keep your website humming. 

Expert advice

Every member of the Fruit Punch team is a specialist in their respective domain. Our hiring process is rather selective, as we exclusively bring on board the most accomplished individuals. This ensures that you are consistently provided with the finest and most up-to-date guidance in the realms of websites and digital marketing.

Professional designers

Our designers have the knack for transforming ideas, aesthetics, and styles into tangible pixel-based creations. Whether you possess a clear vision of your website's appearance or prefer to let us guide the way, rest assured that your website will outshine anything a DIY web builder can produce by a considerable margin.

Continued support

As part of the standard package, you will be granted an hour of monthly support, each and every month. These hours are at your disposal for any purpose you see fit, whether it be for fine-tuning your website, seeking guidance from our specialists, or entrusting us to implement our suggested improvements.