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Simplicity at its best! Instead of shelling out a substantial upfront sum for a new website, you make a steady, fixed monthly payment. This way, instead of parting with $5,000, $10,000, or even $20,000 for a website, you can start with as little as $197 each month.

Every website is unique, and the timeframe largely hinges on the intricacy of your specific requirements. As a general guideline, we estimate that a typical Fruit Punch website typically takes between 4 to 6 weeks to complete, though it’s not unusual for us to launch even sooner.

Absolutely! Prior to your website’s deployment, our SEO team conducts a thorough review. Furthermore, they are readily available at all times to address any queries or accommodate your requests during your monthly allocated time.

In essence, we provide you with a predetermined amount of time to carry out your desired tasks on your website. This might include tasks such as adding new pages, making adjustments, or engaging in discussions with our experts to gain insights on SEO and digital marketing. Alternatively, if you choose, you can leave it to us to use your monthly time in a way we believe will optimally enhance your website. 

Certainly! We offer them as well. They’re just as user-friendly as our websites and serve as excellent platforms for 24/7 online sales. While they may come at a slightly higher cost, we’re talking about an additional $100 per month.

Ideally, you’d be the best person to craft content for your website since no one understands your business as well as you do! However, we’re more than willing to provide guidance and offer suggestions on what to write and how much content you might need. In terms of imagery, we can provide you with quality stock images, but you’re also encouraged to contribute your own if you prefer.

All included in the cost! The price you pay encompasses (virtually) everything.

Your domain name. If you already possess one, fantastic! If not, we’re more than willing to offer recommendations on the most suitable sources. Additionally, it’s worth noting that we do not create content (as we acknowledge that you are the expert in your field).

Nope. Never. Everything is 100% done in-house.

Auckland. West Auckland specifically. 

No catch. Working with us is really that good. 

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