How to name a business

Have you ever come across the saying, “You’re so deep in the forest that you can’t see the trees”? It’s quite similar to what happens when people are naming their business. Some companies end up with completely made-up words that are nearly unpronounceable. Others opt for existing words but with altered spellings, which confuses their target market. For instance, “Wellthy” instead of “Wealthy” – cringe! These missteps result in a business name that just doesn’t work, leading to struggles right from the start.

Drawing from our years of experience in the marketing industry, we have devised strategic and foolproof steps to help you craft the perfect name for your business. By following these proven steps (and taking advantage of our bonus tips!), you can align your company’s name with your ideal target market and set yourself up for success!

Give our method a try and share your experience with us. We absolutely adore receiving feedback when people utilize our formula. Here’s to your success – cheers and good luck!

Create a “golden list”

To begin your business naming journey, kick it off with a brainstorming session where you engage in a “word dump.” Simply jot down every word that comes to mind, related to your business, industry, mission, brand, and so on. Once you’ve compiled the list, take a moment to highlight any words that strike you as important or unique. This collection of highlighted words becomes your “Golden List,” and surprisingly, the perfect name might emerge from a combination of these words.

Thesaurus exploration

If “step one” doesn’t yield the ideal name, it’s time to whip out your trusty thesaurus! Visit www.Thesaurus.com and start your quest. Use your golden list as a starting point and explore additional words that stand out to you. Keep adding these findings to your golden list and see if inspiration strikes. Feel free to delve deeper into www.Thesaurus.com; you might be amazed at the hidden gems it uncovers. Sometimes, a simple journey from “sophisticated” to “opulence” can work pure magic.

In about 90% of cases, our clients are able to find a name through this process. On rare occasions, some may still struggle with a decision. In such cases, we recommend moving on to the next step…

Research your competitors

Think you’ve found the perfect business name? Take a moment to reevaluate because someone else might have already claimed it. At this stage, it’s crucial to research your competition. Are any of your potential business names closely related to established companies? Is there a recurring trend in the business names within your industry? Differentiation is essential for standing out. If any of the options on your Golden List don’t match anything you find during your research, that may be your best solution.

The reverse method

What exactly is the reverse method? In simple terms, it involves working backward to find the perfect business name. Here’s how you can do it: Begin by listing out the keywords you want your business to be associated with on Google. Then, cross-reference these keywords with your Golden List of highlighted words. Through this process, you might stumble upon the ideal combination of uniqueness and practicality. The added benefit is that your business name will be SEO-friendly right from the outset.

Bonus tips


Before finalizing your company name, it’s essential to check your state’s registered company name database. Ensure that your desired name hasn’t already been taken. While some states might allow the same company name in different counties, it’s best to avoid this to prevent confusion right from the start. Make sure your company name stands out as unique!


Verify if the domain for your company website is available. This step is crucial for various reasons. To assist you further, explore our mini ebook titled “3 Ways to Choose the Perfect Website Domain.” It provides invaluable tips for selecting the right domain name for your business.


Don’t forget to investigate the availability of social media handles as well. Consider which social media platforms will be most suitable for your company and conduct a thorough search. If you find that each account is available with your exact company name, don’t hesitate to claim them.

PRO TIP: If needed, you can always make adjustments to your company handle at a later date, so don’t hesitate to secure it now!

In closing…

Remember this crucial point – your business name is ultimately crafted for your target market, not just for yourself. By keeping your audience in mind throughout the naming process, you’re more likely to choose a winning business name!