Three ways to pick the perfect website domain

CONGRATULATIONS! Well done on selecting the ideal business name! Now, it’s time to register your company domain and build a website. However, there’s one crucial question: what should your website domain name be? In this blog, we’ll discuss three ways to choose the perfect domain name. But before we proceed, there’s something important to keep in mind throughout this process.

Here’s a quick tip: Refrain from searching for domain availability through a provider until you are absolutely ready to make a purchase. Why? Many providers sell their search history to third-party vendors. Consequently, these domains are bought by these vendors if the name appears viable. The unfortunate result is that when you search to buy the domain later, it might already be purchased by someone else who may try to sell it back to you at a high cost.

How can you work around this issue? Try directly typing your desired domain name into the web browser’s address bar at the top of your screen. If a website doesn’t load, there’s a good chance the domain name is available. Now, onto the exciting part…


If it’s available, go for it! Having your company name and website share the same name is the simplest way for people to remember your domain. If you type FruitPunch.co.nz into your search browser guess what happens!


If your company name has already been registered, consider using a nickname as your domain name. This is a great option! For instance, let’s say our company name is Fruit Punch Digital Solutions, but our registered domain name is FruitPunch.Digital. The word “Solutions” doesn’t provide any additional value to the domain name, and FruitPunch.Digital effectively conveys the message.


Sometimes, all the domain names you search for have already been registered. That’s perfectly okay! Our next suggestion is to use your company’s mission or slogan as your domain name. For example, a personal online fitness coach could use “YourFitnessBlogger.com.”


Consistency is Key:

Ensure that social media handles are available to maintain consistency across platforms.

What to Avoid:

Whenever possible, steer clear of double letters. For instance, a business called “Laura’s Sweet Bakery” might face challenges if people enter the double “S” incorrectly when navigating to their website.

Double check this:

Spell out your company name as a single word to see if any unintended words appear. If your company name is “Palm Springs Excavating,” your website could potentially be www. palmspringsexcavating .com. Unfortunately, the word “sex” appears prominently and could subliminally deter people from your business. We’re not suggesting you change your company name, but it’s worth considering different options before making a final decision.


Whatever you choose, strive for simplicity! People tend to remember simple domain names.